Website Creation & Development

At Digi Genre, Creating and developing a website is like crafting a digital masterpiece. It begins with a blank page where a digital marketer fill it with unique and helpful information for end users to read/consume. Then, using attractive and mindful graphics to bring the website to life. The result is a pefect blend of art and technology, and the end result is a digital portal that showcases your brand and ideas to the world. It's a dynamic process that evolves with the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring your online presence remains active and engaging.

Website Creation

Website Creation is the first and initial part of making a website in this we decide the Theme, Colours, Sections, Content & All the basic raw materials needed to build a website & Make an end products by utilizing each and every raw material.

Website Development

Here, comes the demanding and analytical part in website building journey. Here, we make strategies and necessary steps to optimize and make a unique content rich website which will not just attract the customers but the algorithm which will help in ranking the website.

Steps of Building a Website!

Here, are some basic steps to follow to make a content rich and attractive website which will help in ranking and making profit to the venture.


Raw Material

The bsics of a website are it's images content and all the things which are to be used to make a complete website.



Now as we got the raw materials now the task is to put all the things in a proper and attractive way soo the end viewer get indulge in it.


On Page SEO

In this step we use our skills and technique to use related keywords and proper images and internal links-external links, etc. and much more


Off Page SEO

It is the most vital and long process. In this we make externals links connected to our website so we can get an high authorative and autheticity in algorithm

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us ! Let's Grow Together

We at Digi Genre provides all digital marketing services which will help you outrank your competitors and make a unique presence of you/your venture on Digital Platform.

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